Unfinished pieces

round mdf mixed media backgroundLast week’s photos made me realise how messy my work area had gotten, so I did a little half-hearted tidying up today.

We’re also playing host to various builder-types here over the next six to eight weeks as we’re adding on a second living area (a lovely big sunny room) to the back of our little house, so my creativity has kind of stalled with everything going on.

lacey mixed media backgroundWhile I was doing tidying and snoopervising the plumber, I realised that it’s been a while since I actually finished a painting.
And that led me to realise that I go through definite phases in my creativity.

new bald girl painting in progressI seem to have a creativity cycle, where I spend time on backgrounds, then start creating characters on them, and then I narrow it down to one or two and continue on with them – and hopefully finish them.

Other times, I’ll be completely caught up in one piece and work on it obsessively until it’s done.

girl with lanterns mixed media in progressAnd I also go through phases where I’m afraid to touch anything because I feel like I’ll mess it up.
I get my creature’s features pencilled in and can’t go on until I’ve reached the stage of not caring so much.

girl & cat mixed media painting

Once I come back to realising that not every painting is going to be amazing and I don’t have to love every piece, I can start playing again and create something I at least like.

So while I’m waiting for that phase of the cycle to pass, I’m going to do a bit more tidying up, planning of my new creative space
– oooh! and the bloke with the timber has just arrived, so I have more snoopervising to do!

Cheers, jane xx

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