Towards the Light…

The past couple of weeks have been kind of tough, healthwise.

Towards The Light - mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel - available as a print

I had to deal with the CFS “payback” after R’s birthday party, the cleaning that involved, four dental appointments for R after he broke a baby tooth (bad momma, how could you let that happen?), and L’s three school assignments.

TowardsTheLight - detail 1 - mixed media painting - depression

When I look back at it like this, it’s no surprise that I’ve spent so much time sleeping since then.

TowardsTheLight - detail 2 - mixed media painting - depression

So, there’s been lots of going back to bed after the kids left for school (zzzzzzzzz).

Lots of asking my mother for help – she did the school run for me, thank goodness.

And lots of feeling frustrated and scared because I haven’t felt this way since last year, and I was afraid that I was going to have a relapse & go back to being useless again.

TowardsTheLight - detail 3 - mixed media painting - depression

Thankfully, I’m feeling a whole lot better today.
I feel like I just got off a flight with terrible turbulence – just let me at that ground, I’m gonna plant a big fat wet kiss on it!

TowardsTheLight - detail 4 - mixed media painting - depression

It’s reminded that I do have limitations, and to make sure I respect them.
But beyond that, I also have much more physical & emotional resilience than I realised.

I really am a lot more healthy than I was last year, and I have my art to thank for that.

I’m just so grateful to have found my way to where I am right now.

Faces, ten eleven twelve

29 Faces 2013Time for some more of the 29 Faces challenge.

I’m actually not too far behind now, it’s just a matter of making time to take photo’s and write about it 🙂

By the way, these three little paintings are in my etsy store at the moment. Just click on one of the pictures to be whisked away to etsyland…

Anyhoo, here’s my face #10.
For the first time I’ve painted a bald boy wearing a party hat (I think).
“Chocolate sounded pretty good”

29 Faces 2013 - "Chocolate sounded pretty good", mixed media birthday boy painting on 4x4in canvas panel - prints available

The words came fromThe Adventurous Four Again by Enid Blyton, who was one of my favourite authors as a child.

Recently I began scanning through those old stories for inspiration and ended up reading them all over again. The Wishing Chair, The Magical Faraway Tree, The Famous Five

It was a wonderful journey back to my childhood, and I loved every minute of it. I love the language they used in those stories, everyone was polite (except the baddies), and it was actually safe for children to go camping or hiking alone!


And on to face #11. A little girlie who has hair that actually looks good!
“Mim’s Valentine”

29 faces 2013 - Mim's Valentine ACEO - mixed media girl painting art original

Mim said she wasn’t expecting anything on Valentine’s Day, but she had her eye on someone…

I’m just so pleased with how her hair turned out, I think I’m going to do a few more hairy girls (although I will keep going with baldies, too).

Face #12 is another favourite of mine – I think I’m really improving with this challenge.
“Mermaid Dream”

29 Faces 2013 - Mermaid Dreams - mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel

A little mermaid, dreaming of the day she’ll be able to really use that little tail of hers

(mermaids have swimming licences, you see, and she’s only just on her Learner’s permit)

29 Faces is a real challenge to keep up with, but I’m really enjoying watching each little face emerge with a different personality and story each time.

And I can sooo see the improvement as I’m going along.

Oh, and I’m taking part in Paint Party Friday for the first time ever!
Have a great weekend 🙂