Minions for Mr Underfoot

About a week before Christmas we visited the Animal Welfare League shelter at Kemp’s Creek, so L & R could adopt a kitten each.

Merry Christmas from a sleepy Gigi and manic Dash

It’s something we’ve talked about for years, but first we were renting and then our little house was already cramped. Imagine it with two active little furballs racing around!
Now we’ve got more space (more about that later on), there was no reason to wait.

Plus, it’s someone for Mr Underfoot to boss around. He’s 14 now and while play is no longer his favourite pastime, he quite likes watching their antics. – so long as they remember their place.
And he’s a constant source of fascination for them, too.

He spends a lot of time outdoors during the day (while they will remain indoor cats), but has taken to checking in two or three times between breaky and tea.
Just to make sure everyone is behaving themselves.

All of our cats over the years have been adopted from shelters – except Mr U, who found us. Animals of all ages deserve a second chance.

This time we chose kittens rather than older cats, because kittens are playful and we needed their help to tire out the kids so we can get some rest ourselves.
Next time we’ll go for someone a bit older, who can be Mr Underfoot’s snoozebuddy (and mine).


Personally, I prefer a furry friend who will sit or lay beside me for company as I paint – rather than trying to join in and savaging my paintbrushes in the night (not pointing any fingers).

Welcome home, Gigi and Dash.
Life will never be the same..

ps – please excuse the break from topic, I’ll be back with more arty goodness in a week or so.
2015 is going to be a big year!

…and breathe…

Well, I’m back.

I always try to be positive and look on the bright side, but the past few months had me temporarily defeated.

It’s a long story, one I will share soon, but at the moment I’d rather get this party started again and share some art with you, my lovely friends!

Some of you will have already seen these on facebook or instagram, so please bear with me as I bring my bloggy home up to date again…

Homebunny - available as a 8x6" or ACEO print

Homebunny is the first painting I’ve done since June, it’s a small one (3.5 x 2.5 inches) and available as a print in my etsy store.

She reminds me of a soft little white toy rabbit I still have on my shelf here, from when I was a child.
Her name is Alice & she wears a little pink floral dress with lace around the neck, and watches over me with a little smile as I paint.

Some of what I went through in the past five months was quite painful and difficult to deal with, and I know that it would have been a good deal more difficult without my family and friends who gathered around with support and love.

Never Alone - available as a print soon.

Never Alone grew out of that feeling of being loved through difficult times, it’s the largest painting I’ve done to date – 12 x 10 inches.

So big that it doesn’t fit my scanner! I’m planning to gift my closest friends (who saw me through all of this) with a print of this one for Christmas this year. So I’d better get myself in gear & take it into the print shop, hadn’t I?

Strangely, I’m more of a ‘cat person’, but this little doggie just leapt out of the background at me while I was painting my girl.
So she has a canine friend instead – maybe my subconscious was using him to symbolise the caring and loyalty my friends have shown me this past year.

I often find things like that happen when I’m creating, and don’t understand them until I sit down to analyse the image later on.
Has that happened to anyone else out there?

Our minds are a strange, miraculous land…

(happy paint party friday, and hello to all my friends out there – i’ve missed you so much!)

Fancy meeting you here..

Welcome everyone to my new home on the internet!

Bring your Bucket and Spade - mixed media girl on 4x4in canvas panel - available as a print

I’m glad you brought your bucket and spade..

At the moment it’s still a bit of a work-in-progress here, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with everyone!

Bring your Bucket and Spade - mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel - detail

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months and while we were on our beachy break I took the plunge.

It’s time I had a blog that’s just about the art.

(not that I won’t share a few personal things here and there, but I’d quite outgrown the old space and pseudonym)

Bring your Bucket and Spade - mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel - detail

I’ve brought along a few of my most recent posts on my art to make the place more homey, but everything else is staying put at

I’ll be able to update here more often than the old place, because now I. Have. Plans

Please grab yourself a cuppa (the kettle’s just boiled) and make yourself at home.