Birthday party + school assignments = no art to speak of

In the last two weeks, with lots of help from hubby, I…

  • did a big spring clean (even though it’s Autumn here)
  • held a 9th birthday party at home for R (hence, the cleaning)
  • completed two-and-a-half major yr7 assignments with L
  • slept a lot to catch up
  • tried to fit in some painting time, somewhere

So, not much creativity expressed lately – unless you count the party decorations, and there were plenty of those.

Balloon Girl aceo

I have two new ACEO’s to share with you, the first is Balloon Girl ACEO, with bright pink balloon hair 🙂

Hot Air Kitty aceo

The second, another hot air balloon with a cat’s head this time. “Hot Air Kitty”

And one new 4×4″ bald girl, who I’m thinking of keeping for myself.  The colours are much more intense in person 🙂

Lucy Lopsides - mixed media girl painting on 4x4" canvas panel

I’ve named her “Lucy Lopsides”, because her bow is a bit off-centre, and prints will be available in my etsy store soon.

Finally, I fixed that dress – that’s the good news.
Now I’ve decided to repaint the little girl’s face, so no photo to share of that one, yet..

Hope you all had a much more productive couple of weeks than I have!