art journaling – revisiting a favourite

I’ve been looking back at my 2014 dreams journal today, and fell back in love with this American Indian girl who appeared as if by magic.

I didn’t plan to paint an indian.

I’ve learnt to avoid planning to paint anything in particular, because it makes me freeze up until I’m unable to create anything.

The only thing I plan is that there will usually be a figure of some sort.

So for days I looked at the background, not seeing anything, and then she jumped out of the landscape.

Whenever this happens, I just know I’m going to love the finished piece.

Her body is wrapped up in a soft, warm pink blanket to protect her from the shocking weather of her homeland.

And I love her hair, lying in tangled plaits across her shoulders.

I’d love to know, what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your art?

jane xx

Art journaling, a new journey

I’ve been seeing a lot about art journaling lately, and over the Christmas break it got me all fired up to have a go myself.

At first I couldn’t see what the fuss was about – I thought “I’d rather create a painting I can hang than a book”.

art journal creature -wip

But then I realized that it’s all about the fun of playing with supplies, taking risks and making up your techniques as you go along.

It doesn’t matter whether you create something that everyone loves, as long as it speaks to you personally.

I made this first journal of mine from pages of watercolour paper, sewn together with string.

I’m filling it with designs and words and lists that embody my hopes and dreams for the coming year, hence the title of painting on the cover…

art journal creature

She gazes into the future, awestruck at what she could become.

Happy Paint Party Friday, everyone ♡♡♡

I’m also linking to Art Journal Every Day!

Cheers, jane xx