Index Card a Day 2015

Something you should really try out this month is Daisy Yellow’s Index Card A Day.

index card a day 2015 #2
ICAD runs from the beginning of June to the end of July each year, but you can join in anytime.

You just do something creative on an index card each day for 60 days, it’s a fantastic way of building a regular creative habit.

index card a day 2015 #3
I did a few cards last year and really enjoyed it, so this year I was ready and waiting to join in. Because I haven’t been sharing online much this year, it’s serving a double – no triple – purpose for me.

As well as establishing a daily creative habit, I’m making sure to share more with my friends on instagram and facebook once more. Something I’ve really missed, and it’s been great to reconnect with everyone again.

I also decided that I want to really focus on painting faces, so every card I do will have a face of some kind.

I began the One Hundred Faces art challenge earlier in the year for just that reason and totally stalled at only three faces (which was kind of embarrassing), so this is another way to get back into that too.

Way to multitask, huh?
But wait, there’s more!
I also get to share my favourite ICAD’s-slash-Faces right here on my blog, which has also felt the pain of my neglect.

Who else out there is doing Index Card a Day or 100 Faces?

29 faces, three, four, five

I’m still behind – no surprise there! – but slowly catching up.

This adorable little fellow was face #3, painted on a 4x4in canvas panel.

He just looked so sad and hungry with his bib tied around his neck, all ready for dinner!
And he sold the same day I listed him in my store, which was kind of happy-sad because I only got to spend a couple of days with him.

What Time is Dinner?
What Time is Dinner?
original sold, prints available

This past week has been fantastic! good and not-so-good.
I actually overdid things a little and ended up with another infected throat, but that’s just about gone now..

On the up side I’ve had three full days of art this week (!) sold two original paintings, one print and two aceo prints.
Plus had my etsy store critiqued by the lovely Jen (and boy do I have work to do!)

And I finally realised what my word for 2014 should be: Play!

"Play" original on cardboard available (email me) archival prints available
original on cardboard available –email me
archival prints available

My word last year was trust, and boy did I get a lot of practice with that one!

So this year I think I’ve earnt some playtime, which I explored in this piece on 9x9in scrap cardboard – using every art supply I could think of, including nail polish!

Sunshine Girl original available
Sunshine Girl
original available

My fifth face is another unusual one (of course), because yellow isn’t a colour I use a lot of.
But in this case I just kept wanting to add more and more of it, and I love the effect!

It made her very easy to name, too!

I’ve been quite slack in visiting everyone else’s blog posts for 29 faces, Creative Every Day and PPF this week, so I’m making it a priority to visit at least 5 blogs each day next week.

See you soon!
jane xxx

29 Faces, one and two

29 Faces february 2014I forgot to mention earlier that I’m taking part in Ayala‘s 29 Faces challenge this month!

The idea is to create a face each day for 29 days and it’s amazing to see the improvement in people’s work during that time!

I’m a little behind already (of course), but I do have a good excuse reason, with the kids starting the new school year last week and Monkey Boy turning ten yesterday.

See? I told you it was a good one!

mixed media sad bear -29faces#1

So numbers one and two I did in my Sister Swap art journal that’s going to be traveling around the world for the next several months between myself and my friends Sandie and Tina.

We’ve painted our covers and the first two-page spread ourselves, and will mail on to the next person in our triangle for them to do the next two-page spread. Then rinse and repeat.

mixed media princess play - 29 faces 2014

This second one also doubles as an exercise for LifeBook 2014.
This is my sweet little friend who whispers inspirational thoughts in my ear as I paint.

And my word for 2014 is Play.
Yes, I know how to make my art work for me 😉

Are you doing any of these challenges or courses too?
I’d love to see what you’ve been doing.

cheers, jane xx

Mixed Media May

Today’s the day!  My interview is live now on the MMM site, and I’d love it if you’d go take a gander!
(after you’ve read my utterly sparkling wittery here, of course)

"View" prompt - doodle with watercolour & micron pen - jane coquillon

Since our beachy break, what with school holidays & everything else going on I’ve not had a lot of time to get involved with my painting
I’ve also felt a little uninspired and just plain blah.

"Fear" prompt - doodle with micron pen - jane coquillon

As a remedy I’m taking part in ellolovey‘s #doodleadaymay challenge on instagram.
Each day, there’s a different word prompt for you to follow and doodle along with everyone else who’s taking part.

"Plant" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

It’s really stretching my imaginative muscles to find something to fit with each theme each day, and in fact I’m a day behind already.
But plodding steadily onward…

"Homemade" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

I’m using whatever media grabs me at the time, which is a whole other challenge!
These few are my favourites of what I’ve done so far.

Tonight, I’m tackling coloured pencils, and I think a set of prismacolour soft cores are quite possibly on the horizon here…

Please do check out my interview over at Mixed Media May, and if you’re on instagram by all means jump in and join me in #doodleadaymay!

I’m linking to Paint Party Friday, so Happy PPF to all my friends from over there!