Faces, four five six

29 Faces 2013Back with more faces from the 2013 29 Faces challenge by Ayala.

I’m doing this in batches, so hopefully I’ll be up-to-date with sharing soon 🙂

Day four – tried adding some hair to one of my bald girls, and not too happy with it.

To be honest, she looked better before I used the hair tonic.
At least she looks happy!
(and it’s an awful pic – I’ll try to get the good camera out for the next lot of faces)

Day five – wearing some kind of balloon crown, reason unknown.

I think she looks kind of serene, as if the balloons are about to float her off to some wonderful new life…
Yes, I have an over-active imagination 😉

And on to day six.

Much more happy with this little girlie, even though her face is the only thing finished so far.

She’s got this big red bow happening at the back of her head, which looks promising…
I’ll share again later when she’s got her dress on.

Hoped you enjoyed, I’ll see you later at your place!

Faces, one two three

29 Faces 2013It’s been a HUGE week for us here.

  • L started high school, caught the bus to-and-from for the first time, and learnt (to her shock) that she’s been placed in the gifted and talented class.
  • R went into year 4 and came home on the first day with a project due two days later!
    (he’d mis-heard and it was something they were going to do in class)
  • Plus my mother moved back home after 6wks at our place
    (she had open heart surgery just before Chrissy)

Incredible roller-coaster ride, and I really haven’t had a moment to paint.
I’ve also decided to share a few days’ faces at a time in one post, or I won’t end up sharing anything!

So my first face here is one I finished on Wednesday evening, rather than in Feb.

The Test - mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel - etsy listing

It was L’s first day – you can tell I was thinking about her, can’t you?
(it’s in my etsy store with some of my other bald girls, if you’d like to go have a visit)

Face two was more of a sketch – these early mornings are killing me (she starts school at 8.10 and I’m more of a night owl girl). So I did this one and then let myself go have a nanna-nap.

Weird and Proud badge doodle

Thought it would make a good badge for me to wear 😉

Friday, day 3.  I actually did two little faces, two bald girlies having a tea party.

The Tea Party - mixed media girls painting on 5x7in canvas panel - etsy listing

Now that both the kids are back at school, I can start catching up with friends over a cuppa!
(forgive the grainy pics, the last two were taken with my phone)

Hope you liked my faces so far, and you’re keeping up with the challenge..

Now I’m coming to check up on you all 😉