Faces, nineteen twenty twenty-one

29 Faces 2013Sharing the last of my faces for the challenge this year.

Fingers crossed that I manage to do all 29 in 2014!

So, here’s #18. Another doodley girl, wearing a cat hoodie.

29 faces 2013 #19 cathoodie

Think I’m going to have to paint this one, she’s got a really sweet expression 🙂

Face number 20 is on canvas panel (4x4in), and named Sunflower.

29 Faces 2013 - Sunflower, mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel

I love her bright red dress, but it’s a bit too different from the rest of the painting – thicker paint, so looks like a different style.

I’m either going to have to fix that dress, or just paint over the whole thing and start again. Haven’t decided yet whether I’m feeling patient enough to try that…

Aaaand finally, face number 21.  Quite happy with this little blue haired princess.

29 Faces 2013 - Crowned ACEO - mixed media girl painting on cardboard (3.5 x 2.5 in)

At least, I think she’s a princess. She could be the princess’ maid, having a quick go at wearing the royal crown.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed sharing 29 Faces 2013 with me.

Now that I’m back in the swing of updating here more often, I’m going to stay with it.

In fact, I can feel another blog post coming on already, about the benefits of taking part in a challenge like this….

PPF badgeOh, and I’m also joining in with Paint Party Friday this week.
It’s so much fun to connect with everyone 🙂

Faces, sixteen seventeen eighteen

29 Faces 2013I’ve been slack in posting this week firstly because I’m still CFS-tired after over-doing it last week, and then I had stitches in my arm and then Mr9 was home sick on Thursday & Friday.

So my excuses are good 😉

For faces 16 & 17, I painted a larger piece with two faces.
It’s called “Look!”, and measures 7×5 inches.

"Look!" - original mixed media girl cat painting - 7x5in canvas panel

The little bald girl is holding the fantastic kitty balloon that she got at the fair. I think her expression just shouts “Look what I got!”, hence the name 😉

Usually I just paint or draw, and it’s not until well after I’ve finished that I realise what it was actually about.
Hubby says her expression reminds him of my excitement over my art, and the balloon symbolises a new painting. Which makes sense to me 🙂

Face #18 is a little ACEO (3.5 x 2.5in).

A little bald girl wearing a big, bright bow, “Feeling Blue“…

29 Faces 2013 - Feeling Blue ACEO (3.5 x 2.5in) - mixed media girl painting

I really love the texture and feel of this one.
Having suffered with depression in the past, I know that sometimes all you can do is surround yourself with bright, cheerful colours and hope and pray it won’t take too long to pass.

On a brighter note, how did you do with the 29 Faces challenge?
Are you still going, given up, or did you manage to finish on time?


Faces, thirteen fourteen fifteen

29 Faces 2013Catching up!

Well, getting closer anyway.

At least, I’m up to #21 here at home – give me time, and I’ll get them all added here 😉

So, on with the show.

Face number thirteen, a hairy girl again! I named her “Just Blossom“.

29 Faces 2013 - "Just Blossom", mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel

I based this girlie on the same sketch as the earlier hairy girl to get her hair how I wanted it.

I definitely like their large foreheads, which explains why I’ve had such a hard time adding hair.
-I kept wanting to give them fringes, and it just doesn’t look right.

For faces fourteen and fifteen, I did some doodling on paper for a change.

29 faces 2013 - girlie doodle 29 faces 2013 - teddy doodle


The girlie doesn’t really grab me. Not sure whether it’s her lips or just the shape of her head, but she just doesn’t jump out at me and shout “Wow!”

I’m quite taken with Teddy, though. I think I’m going to have to paint him before too long, because I keep on looking at him and smiling!

Hope you’re enjoying the 29 Faces Challenge as much as I am, and seeing your faces improve day by day!

Faces, ten eleven twelve

29 Faces 2013Time for some more of the 29 Faces challenge.

I’m actually not too far behind now, it’s just a matter of making time to take photo’s and write about it 🙂

By the way, these three little paintings are in my etsy store at the moment. Just click on one of the pictures to be whisked away to etsyland…

Anyhoo, here’s my face #10.
For the first time I’ve painted a bald boy wearing a party hat (I think).
“Chocolate sounded pretty good”

29 Faces 2013 - "Chocolate sounded pretty good", mixed media birthday boy painting on 4x4in canvas panel - prints available

The words came fromThe Adventurous Four Again by Enid Blyton, who was one of my favourite authors as a child.

Recently I began scanning through those old stories for inspiration and ended up reading them all over again. The Wishing Chair, The Magical Faraway Tree, The Famous Five

It was a wonderful journey back to my childhood, and I loved every minute of it. I love the language they used in those stories, everyone was polite (except the baddies), and it was actually safe for children to go camping or hiking alone!


And on to face #11. A little girlie who has hair that actually looks good!
“Mim’s Valentine”

29 faces 2013 - Mim's Valentine ACEO - mixed media girl painting art original

Mim said she wasn’t expecting anything on Valentine’s Day, but she had her eye on someone…

I’m just so pleased with how her hair turned out, I think I’m going to do a few more hairy girls (although I will keep going with baldies, too).

Face #12 is another favourite of mine – I think I’m really improving with this challenge.
“Mermaid Dream”

29 Faces 2013 - Mermaid Dreams - mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel

A little mermaid, dreaming of the day she’ll be able to really use that little tail of hers

(mermaids have swimming licences, you see, and she’s only just on her Learner’s permit)

29 Faces is a real challenge to keep up with, but I’m really enjoying watching each little face emerge with a different personality and story each time.

And I can sooo see the improvement as I’m going along.

Oh, and I’m taking part in Paint Party Friday for the first time ever!
Have a great weekend 🙂

Faces, seven eight nine

29 Faces 2013Time I shared more faces here – I have been doing them, just haven’t had the camera out.

And I promised myself that I’d use the good camera from now on (my camera phone is awful).

Day seven – a bald bird, for a change…

29 Faces 2013 - Bald Bird ACEO

Not loving her body, and no idea where the hat came from, but it’s all practice right?

Day eight“Please Don’t Eat the Flowers”, mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel

29 Faces 2013 - Please Don't Eat the Flowers, mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel

I was a bit stuck with her for a while. I had her face and body, but she needed something on her head and hair just wasn’t working (purple spikes? erm… no).

Then hubby said “what about a snail?”, and I knew it would work!

She and her gastropod friend are in my etsy store, if you’d like to go take a look (thank you, if you do!).

Day nine was another bald girl, this time on a little red moleskine notebook that I had in the cupboard.

29 Faces 2013 - bald girl moleskine

I’m really pleased with how she turned out, and I now have a new notebook for my purse!

Hope you liked!

Take care, Jane 🙂