“She Blooms by Moonlight” – my painting process

She Blooms by Moonlight -mixed media paintingAt Wonderhubby’s work Christmas party in December last year, I fell in love with the colours of the paper crowns from the festive Christmas crackers.

I could just see them as part of a painting, so I (fairly) discreetly gathered up as many as I could from the tables surrounding us…

I’m so glad I listened to that little acquisitive voice, because they were the touch that eventually revealed the whole story of this piece to me.

I really loved working on this wistful girl, even though she went through so very many changes.

I gave her a pet dog and hated it. And then her body was no longer right either, so I covered almost the whole lower half of the painting with gesso. In fact, about the only thing I did like about the whole piece was her face..


Then it looked a little like a snowscape to me, so I gave her a warm hat and a new body.

But I still couldn’t quite see her story until I added the little moon face, and suddenly it just gelled.


The pink and yellow in particular looked lovely layered together.
I added pieces of both to create a glow around the moon, which suddenly became petals to me.

I knew my girl needed something extra, so I decided to give her some petals too, and the relationship between the two characters was made clear.

Just a touch of dark blue for contrast in the sky, and they were done.

Hope your week’s been good to you,
jane xx

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17 thoughts on ““She Blooms by Moonlight” – my painting process

  1. I loved watching her come to life! Absolutely awesome… I’ve been working on improving my “facemaking” so your image really inspires me. I’m taking my son to the pool today and plan to sit in the shade, sketching. Your words/images are a great reminder. Woot! (So glad you linked to creative every day so I could find your fantastic mixed media work!)

  2. This is really fascinating, love the end result. I hope the little dog found another good home, I thought he looked quite sweet, although of course if he didn’t fit in the painting he had to go.

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