Mixed Media May

Today’s the day!  My interview is live now on the MMM site, and I’d love it if you’d go take a gander!
(after you’ve read my utterly sparkling wittery here, of course)

"View" prompt - doodle with watercolour & micron pen - jane coquillon

Since our beachy break, what with school holidays & everything else going on I’ve not had a lot of time to get involved with my painting
I’ve also felt a little uninspired and just plain blah.

"Fear" prompt - doodle with micron pen - jane coquillon

As a remedy I’m taking part in ellolovey‘s #doodleadaymay challenge on instagram.
Each day, there’s a different word prompt for you to follow and doodle along with everyone else who’s taking part.

"Plant" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

It’s really stretching my imaginative muscles to find something to fit with each theme each day, and in fact I’m a day behind already.
But plodding steadily onward…

"Homemade" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

I’m using whatever media grabs me at the time, which is a whole other challenge!
These few are my favourites of what I’ve done so far.

Tonight, I’m tackling coloured pencils, and I think a set of prismacolour soft cores are quite possibly on the horizon here…

Please do check out my interview over at Mixed Media May, and if you’re on instagram by all means jump in and join me in #doodleadaymay!

I’m linking to Paint Party Friday, so Happy PPF to all my friends from over there!

8 thoughts on “Mixed Media May

  1. AWESOME!!!!! i went a read your interview…. You did a great job!! I even learned some new things about you too:):) I am so proud of you:):) Your doodles this month have been sweet!!! Well, just wanted you to know I saw it…and loved it!!! much love girlfriend:):) -S

  2. Loved your interview! I can relate to you in so many ways! Love all the yummy artwork there and here!! You just amazing me….I am such a fan of your work! You have such a cool unique style of your own! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Hi Jane. Wow, just in my language, right from left (Hebrew!) lol. I am so inspired from your blog. I was getting SO bored. I love your doodle a day and that acrylic painting is stellar!!!! I’ve never seen anything so REAL! I love your doodles and the swirls therein. I also love how many of us are taking really authentic routes this week with really authentic words or stories or whatever. Your sketches are brilliant, as I imagine are you. Thanks so much for sharing what you do in such detail. I am going out but leaving mycomputer open to here so I can listen to your interview when I return. Lovies, Samara. I’ll report back! lol xox

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