Make Waves!

It’s time to stop worrying about what other people think and just have fun!

More finger painting fun with this girlie, and although she’s not quite as loose as the last two I’m still quite happy with her.

Make Waves - original mixed media girl painting - etsy listing

I’m not quite sure whether she’s actually holding a picture with waves on it, or it’s on her dress.

Originally she was supposed to be holding it, but now I just don’t know…

Make Waves - original mixed media painting - detail

I quite fancy her hairdo, which is a freestyle bun type of thing, slightly off to one side.

My own hair is kind of frizzy and never does what I want, so this is definitely a look I could achieve without much effort, but it probably wouldn’t look as good as hers and would flop in my eyes.

Make Waves - original mixed media girl painting - detail

Speaking of frizzy hair – or feeling frazzled…Β  We’re into the third week off school here, and I think the kids are getting kind of fed up.

(remember we booked our week away at the wrong time & the kids scored an extra week off, so it’s crazy around here right now)

The bickering became unbearable late last week, and my wonderful mother invited them to stay at her place (separately) for a few days.

What a godsend. And no, you can’t have her – she’s mine.

Make Waves - original mixed media painting - detail

It’s amazing how easy it is to care for just one child, when there’s no-one around to bicker with! I can’t believe I thought it was hard work having just the one – what planet was I living on???

(no offense to parents of singletons, it was hard work – but as a singleton myself the bickering was a revelation and a half)

Anyhoo, I need to go break up another fight, I’ll see you all around at paint party friday.
I’ll be the one with the frizzy freestyle hairdo.


14 thoughts on “Make Waves!

  1. Your frizzy haired girl & story make me smile. I’ve been following you on instagram for a while and now I’m so happy to have found you here too. I get stories as well as art!

  2. She’s so cute …. Wonderful mother you have! Yes, it makes a lot of difference when there’s only one around. Constant bickering drives me up the walls too ….

  3. Love your painting and just adore your style. I can relate to making the statement about not worrying about what other’s think. I do it far too much when it comes to my art, and my life. Fabulous post! HPPF!

  4. What a sweet painting. I love her bright pink cheeks…as a singleton with a singleton grown up son I can’t relate to the bickering, but what a nice Mom to give you a break. Happy PPF

  5. You have a very nice mom!
    Your gal is cute with her rosy cheeks and bun off to one side…..that’s me ! LOL
    I finally booked a hair spa for myself and my daughter for next week….guess the bun will be gone then : )
    About what others think….thought it didn’t matter but I do like having my art critiqued , so I suppose I do care some.

  6. This little girl has Olde World charm. Her hair is very reminiscent of ’20’s and 30′ s style, or maybe earlier :-). I can associate with you about the frizzy hair, humidity and rain are my enemy! Your Mum ‘s like mine was, always happy to give me a break if it became too much (I had four!) . Love this girls cheeks and lips, lovely colour

  7. very disappointed your won’t share your mum but outside of that I kind of like the ambiguity of is she holding it or is it on her dress…. I think it is quite wonderful… as for the messy bun… mine is quite lopsided as I talk, but it is saving it from flopping into my lunch noodles so all is well… hope they head back to school soon!!!

  8. Ever heard the saying, “One is like none, two is like ten” I think it might be true
    because I only have one!!!
    Always love your work Jane, it has a wonderful style of it’s own…and the bun is adorable!

  9. what a fun post! I adore your sweet little ‘wave’ girl…and had to smile about the whole ‘bickering children’ thing. when they are grown up and gone, you will wish they were back bickering with each other! you brightened my day…happy PPF!

  10. oh the bickering…it does not stop. My kids think it’s how to have a conversation with your sibling… At least you have your sweet girl with the neat bun off to one side. I bet she does not bicker. She is very cute!

  11. i like your sweet fingerprinted frizzed hair girl. she has such personality. and no, bickering never stops. when it does and they are out of the house and it’s quiet it’s a whole other story. happy ppf

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