Feeling Blah

We all have our bad days & “bleagh” weeks, and lately it seems to have been my turn.

process pic - mixed media painting

Nothing especially terrible has happened, I’ve just been feeling down & am finding it a little tougher than usual to pull myself out of it.

Another process pic - mixed media painting

Painting has helped, but it’s kind of hard to get past that ugly stage that I usually push through with little effort.

World Go On - process pic - mixed media painting, jane coquillon

So here’s some horrible, ugly stage paintings that should make anyone feel good about their own creative efforts.

Dressing Up - process pic - mixed media painting - jane coquillon

This last one I’m stuck on the area around the feet. Just totally stuck. Hate it.

Hope you’re all having a great Paint Party Friday.

12 thoughts on “Feeling Blah

  1. These are not horrible or ugly at all! I love the girl with the pigtails and purple hair with the musical sheet. I also love how you’ve incorporated collage and paint. We’re all sometimes harsh with ourselves and don’t always see the value in our own works, but yours are so charming…

  2. Oh but I adore the last one so much even if they do seem a tad grumpy…..maybe they know you’re out of sorts. I have been the same….hope you pick up soon!! I know the feeling! Your mojo will return!! Your first one really depicts your words….beautiful, solemn and waiting to feel good again!!
    Awesome work and thanks for sharing the ups and downs! Can’t help with the feet part because I think it’s perfect already!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Oh, you’re being really hard on yourself…… Don’t ! These paintings are lovely, and especially the first 2 an expression of how you feel. Nothing ugly about it.

  4. Hope you are feeling more poitive, I think your work is fabulous, I think most Artists have periods of self doubt, you are not alone.

  5. well if this is the uglies, then most of our work is horrific! jane, hon, don’t be so hard on yourself! these cuties look like you describe how you are feeling – just somber – and there is nothing wrong with somber and quiet and inside and not wanting to be out there and all smiley and jovial. it is reflecting time, it is quiet time, it is you time, it is sleep time, it is silent time. in other cultures, this time would be revered and we would be bathed and cared for by other women. it is only in our culture we are “depressed.” and it sux because we feel alone, just like these little cuties look – pensive and rather sad. but that too is ok jane. sad is good. it means they are feeling, they are looking inside, they are taking a break from their usual smiley self. and hon, they are not in the uglies. the colors are wonderful, backgrounds gorgeous and the mood on each and every face is precisely as you describe “you.” and according to THIS (me) one person, you are masterful to have pulled that off in your art pieces!!! that is true harmony of a true artist!!!! lovies and caring, samara

  6. I always find it hardest to paint at change of seasons… I hate that the weather doesn’t know what it is doing, and it is always around the time of a new school term and it takes me a good week or two to adjust after holidays… I am only just into the swing of some painting without it feeling like I am ripping my fingernails out doing it… slowly over the last few days it has been a bit easier… hang in there it will come back…xx

  7. That’s so funny, well not funny, but MAN those pictures ROCK!! Seriously! The last one looks totally finished. I don’t think it needs another thing. Such whimsy and character. I love your work. You make good stuff when your blue, girl!! Hugs and I know it’s hard to pull out of a funk. You gotta find the “thing” that gets you out. keep searching. Happy PPF!

  8. I thought something was up when I hadn’t seen your pretty faces on IG for a while. I hope this week is less blah for you Jane 🙂
    I know YOU think these paintings are in the ugly stage, but from someone who’s admiring them, they look pretty rocking to me!

  9. Dearest, sweet Jane,

    How lovely to read your latest Blog post, always a treat!!
    However, So sorry you have been feeling “blagh”.
    If it is any consolation, I have been too!
    Since returning from Dubai I’ve been so overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion, that I have taken to my bed and let the World carry on without me!!

    I was delighted to receive a parcel from Etsy though containing your stunning Art!
    That gave me such a boost I assure you!

    These paintings are great, I especially love the top lady with her crown and multi-coloured hair!
    I would love to know when she is prepped, preened and ready for Etsy!!

    You take care of yourself sweetie, you are more precious than you know.
    I will contact you with feedback on your Etsy site soon, but until then I send you lots of love, and gentle hugs,
    Sue x <3 x

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