…and breathe…

Well, I’m back.

I always try to be positive and look on the bright side, but the past few months had me temporarily defeated.

It’s a long story, one I will share soon, but at the moment I’d rather get this party started again and share some art with you, my lovely friends!

Some of you will have already seen these on facebook or instagram, so please bear with me as I bring my bloggy home up to date again…

Homebunny - available as a 8x6" or ACEO print

Homebunny is the first painting I’ve done since June, it’s a small one (3.5 x 2.5 inches) and available as a print in my etsy store.

She reminds me of a soft little white toy rabbit I still have on my shelf here, from when I was a child.
Her name is Alice & she wears a little pink floral dress with lace around the neck, and watches over me with a little smile as I paint.

Some of what I went through in the past five months was quite painful and difficult to deal with, and I know that it would have been a good deal more difficult without my family and friends who gathered around with support and love.

Never Alone - available as a print soon.

Never Alone grew out of that feeling of being loved through difficult times, it’s the largest painting I’ve done to date – 12 x 10 inches.

So big that it doesn’t fit my scanner! I’m planning to gift my closest friends (who saw me through all of this) with a print of this one for Christmas this year. So I’d better get myself in gear & take it into the print shop, hadn’t I?

Strangely, I’m more of a ‘cat person’, but this little doggie just leapt out of the background at me while I was painting my girl.
So she has a canine friend instead – maybe my subconscious was using him to symbolise the caring and loyalty my friends have shown me this past year.

I often find things like that happen when I’m creating, and don’t understand them until I sit down to analyse the image later on.
Has that happened to anyone else out there?

Our minds are a strange, miraculous land…

(happy paint party friday, and hello to all my friends out there – i’ve missed you so much!)

Feeling Blah

We all have our bad days & “bleagh” weeks, and lately it seems to have been my turn.

process pic - mixed media painting

Nothing especially terrible has happened, I’ve just been feeling down & am finding it a little tougher than usual to pull myself out of it.

Another process pic - mixed media painting

Painting has helped, but it’s kind of hard to get past that ugly stage that I usually push through with little effort.

World Go On - process pic - mixed media painting, jane coquillon

So here’s some horrible, ugly stage paintings that should make anyone feel good about their own creative efforts.

Dressing Up - process pic - mixed media painting - jane coquillon

This last one I’m stuck on the area around the feet. Just totally stuck. Hate it.

Hope you’re all having a great Paint Party Friday.

Mixed Media May

Today’s the day!  My interview is live now on the MMM site, and I’d love it if you’d go take a gander!
(after you’ve read my utterly sparkling wittery here, of course)

"View" prompt - doodle with watercolour & micron pen - jane coquillon

Since our beachy break, what with school holidays & everything else going on I’ve not had a lot of time to get involved with my painting
I’ve also felt a little uninspired and just plain blah.

"Fear" prompt - doodle with micron pen - jane coquillon

As a remedy I’m taking part in ellolovey‘s #doodleadaymay challenge on instagram.
Each day, there’s a different word prompt for you to follow and doodle along with everyone else who’s taking part.

"Plant" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

It’s really stretching my imaginative muscles to find something to fit with each theme each day, and in fact I’m a day behind already.
But plodding steadily onward…

"Homemade" prompt - doodle with pencil - jane coquillon

I’m using whatever media grabs me at the time, which is a whole other challenge!
These few are my favourites of what I’ve done so far.

Tonight, I’m tackling coloured pencils, and I think a set of prismacolour soft cores are quite possibly on the horizon here…

Please do check out my interview over at Mixed Media May, and if you’re on instagram by all means jump in and join me in #doodleadaymay!

I’m linking to Paint Party Friday, so Happy PPF to all my friends from over there!


It’s been nearly two weeks since I shared here last, how on earth did that happen?!

Bring Your Bucket and Spade - archival print by jane coquillon - etsy listing

The kids are back at school now thankfully, and I’ve done a little painting but not as much as I’d hoped.

I’ve been feeling kind of stale so I’ve been doodling a lot, recharging my creative batteries so to speak.

Green Dress - archival print of painting by jane coquillon

Our super-lovely niece came to stay for the weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful to spend some quality time with her at long last.

We had a lovely time on Sunday, spending the day on Sydney Harbour, riding the ferries all day.

Andre & I didn’t get her to ourselves for more than an hour or two because our two are as besotted with her as we are!

Towards the Light - archival print of original painting by jane coquillon

I’m also gradually adding archival prints of my 2013 paintings to my etsy store at the moment.

Today’s images are a few of those that are available so far.

Chocolate sounded pretty good - archival print of original art by jane coquillon

The other bit of news I can share today (finally) is that I’m being featured in Mixed Media May this year!!

I feel so honoured, I’m keeping company with some amazing artists!

Crowned - archival print of art by jane coquillon

I can’t tell you when my interview will be live on the website yet… if I did, I’d have to kill you and I need all the readers I can get here.

However I will be announcing it on the day, so stay tuned for more info soon!

Today I’m linking to Inspire Me Tuesday.

The 3 Best Things I Did For My Art in 2012

Swoop - original mixed media girl painting - feb 2012

This is something I did last year on my old blog and found very useful.

To be able to look back and see where I was twelve months ago, how far I’ve come and to guide me in my direction this year.

The way I see myself has changed so much in such a short time – I didn’t even think of myself as an artist a year ago, let alone have a style of my own.

(yes, I know it’s april, but anyway…)

So here we go..

For Ayla - mixed media girl painting - april 2012

1.  I became active in artist groups on Facebook

Groups like Ayala Art‘s “29 Faces” and Tracy Verdugo‘s “Magically Mixed Art Community” were invaluable.

I met other artists, learnt from them, gave and received positive feedback, made some amazing friends.

None of my real-life friends are artists, so it was particularly wonderful to be able to share what I was learning and experiencing with people who ‘got’ me.

We’re all at different stages of our art journey, which really helped me to stop comparing myself to others and just enjoy where I was.TeapotLady, FloralTang - original mixed media girl painting - jul 2012 - etsy listing

I began to see myself and my art differently because I was seeing myself through their eyes.

I was also exposed to different styles of art, which definitely helped me on the way to finding my own.

2.  I pinpointed two key artists whose work I’d like to emulate

There are a lot of artist’s whose work I love and admire, but I don’t necessarily want to paint in their style.

I’m talking about artists whose work contains elements that I’d like to include in my own paintings.

Snow Day - original mixed media girl painting - aug 2012

I spent hours looking at art that inspired me, working out what it was that appealed to me, then how the artist achieved the effects I loved.

By the way, I’m talking about you, Mindy Lacefield and Juliette Crane

3.  I consciously worked on my ‘style’

I practiced, screwed things up, practiced more, painted over the bits I hated, practiced again, painted over whole paintings if they didn’t make me happy.

Whoo are you waiting for? - mixed media owl painting - aug 2012Even so, I usually only stayed in love with each one for a matter of weeks, because my skills improved so much with each painting I completed.

When I did this exercise last year, I wrote “I feel like I’m finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be”.

I still feel that way, only more so.
I have such a feeling of purpose in my life now, which I know will only increase in the future.

Looking to the past is what I’ve been up to this week.
I’m linking to Paint Party Friday, so please pop over and check out what everyone else has been doing..