Birthday party + school assignments = no art to speak of

In the last two weeks, with lots of help from hubby, I…

  • did a big spring clean (even though it’s Autumn here)
  • held a 9th birthday party at home for R (hence, the cleaning)
  • completed two-and-a-half major yr7 assignments with L
  • slept a lot to catch up
  • tried to fit in some painting time, somewhere

So, not much creativity expressed lately – unless you count the party decorations, and there were plenty of those.

Balloon Girl aceo

I have two new ACEO’s to share with you, the first is Balloon Girl ACEO, with bright pink balloon hair 🙂

Hot Air Kitty aceo

The second, another hot air balloon with a cat’s head this time. “Hot Air Kitty”

And one new 4×4″ bald girl, who I’m thinking of keeping for myself.  The colours are much more intense in person 🙂

Lucy Lopsides - mixed media girl painting on 4x4" canvas panel

I’ve named her “Lucy Lopsides”, because her bow is a bit off-centre, and prints will be available in my etsy store soon.

Finally, I fixed that dress – that’s the good news.
Now I’ve decided to repaint the little girl’s face, so no photo to share of that one, yet..

Hope you all had a much more productive couple of weeks than I have!

4 thoughts on “Birthday party + school assignments = no art to speak of

  1. birthday decorations totally count as art… that is half the fun of younger ones… not so fun doing the clean… and I have been doing one as well… think it is the cooler weather that gets us thinking those sort of thoughts… hope you are rested up and ready to get back to it…xx

    1. lol.. Thanks for that, although our decorations weren’t particularly creative 😉
      I’m just recovering from the whole shebang now. The heat definitely hasn’t helped!
      I’m soo looking forward to the cooler weather arriving & actually staying around for a few months.

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