Index Card a Day 2015

Something you should really try out this month is Daisy Yellow’s Index Card A Day.

index card a day 2015 #2
ICAD runs from the beginning of June to the end of July each year, but you can join in anytime.

You just do something creative on an index card each day for 60 days, it’s a fantastic way of building a regular creative habit.

index card a day 2015 #3
I did a few cards last year and really enjoyed it, so this year I was ready and waiting to join in. Because I haven’t been sharing online much this year, it’s serving a double – no triple – purpose for me.

As well as establishing a daily creative habit, I’m making sure to share more with my friends on instagram and facebook once more. Something I’ve really missed, and it’s been great to reconnect with everyone again.

I also decided that I want to really focus on painting faces, so every card I do will have a face of some kind.

I began the One Hundred Faces art challenge earlier in the year for just that reason and totally stalled at only three faces (which was kind of embarrassing), so this is another way to get back into that too.

Way to multitask, huh?
But wait, there’s more!
I also get to share my favourite ICAD’s-slash-Faces right here on my blog, which has also felt the pain of my neglect.

Who else out there is doing Index Card a Day or 100 Faces?

My word for 2015: emerge

Last year, I couldn’t really come up with a word that really captured my hopes for the year ahead.

my creature begins to emerge from her background..
really liking her face, it just needs a little more softening

Looking back, “growth” would have been perfect. There were so many challenging experiences, which taught me so much about myself.

her face is perfect ❤
now I need to calm down the background a little – it’s crazy!

I’m so much stronger and confident now. I’m better at speaking up for myself. I’m able to achieve more because I have more self discipline.

the background is coming along..
and I found out she’s actually a doe – the outlines of her legs was there all along!

2014 was a very inward kind of year. I needed to withdraw, experience and process because so much was going on (more about that later) So this year when I thought about my hopes and goals for the year ahead, the word “emerge” leapt to mind.

..a little more definition and tidying up and here she is, finished at last.  I love the way she just emerged from her background.

It’s time now for me to step forth again with newly gained wisdom and take on the world. I wanted to share the way my character emerged from the paint. She’s the perfect embodiment of what I wish for the coming year ❤ Hope you enjoyed! Cheers, jane xx

Beating blank canvas syndrome – the scraps drawer

I’ve picked up so many little bits and pieces of paper around the place that it can be overwhelming.

Now I have a desk that I love and a dedicated creative space I decided to designate one of those lovely timber drawers to holding my scrap collection.

Everything from air mail stickers to clothing tags, lolly wrappers to scraps torn from paper serviettes or wrapping paper.

In it goes… to be swirled around and join the mish-mash of ephemera that will inspire my future artworks.

Not everything actually fits into the drawer, it’s more of a representative sample of what I’ve collected over time.

The rest goes in a large airtight box that lives in the garage and will get periodically raided to freshen up the drawer’s contents.

And they’ll be waiting there next time I’m sitting in front of my desk, with a glaringly white canvas before me.

I grab my favourite acrylics, glue & brush, and thrust my hand blindly into that drawer, to clutch a handful of pretties and begin.

Give it a try next time the dreaded blank canvas bails you up in a corner, and let me now how it works for you..

Cheers, jane 🙂

ps – linking to paint party friday – happy ppf everyone!

art journaling – revisiting a favourite

I’ve been looking back at my 2014 dreams journal today, and fell back in love with this American Indian girl who appeared as if by magic.

I didn’t plan to paint an indian.

I’ve learnt to avoid planning to paint anything in particular, because it makes me freeze up until I’m unable to create anything.

The only thing I plan is that there will usually be a figure of some sort.

So for days I looked at the background, not seeing anything, and then she jumped out of the landscape.

Whenever this happens, I just know I’m going to love the finished piece.

Her body is wrapped up in a soft, warm pink blanket to protect her from the shocking weather of her homeland.

And I love her hair, lying in tangled plaits across her shoulders.

I’d love to know, what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your art?

jane xx

Minions for Mr Underfoot

About a week before Christmas we visited the Animal Welfare League shelter at Kemp’s Creek, so L & R could adopt a kitten each.

Merry Christmas from a sleepy Gigi and manic Dash

It’s something we’ve talked about for years, but first we were renting and then our little house was already cramped. Imagine it with two active little furballs racing around!
Now we’ve got more space (more about that later on), there was no reason to wait.

Plus, it’s someone for Mr Underfoot to boss around. He’s 14 now and while play is no longer his favourite pastime, he quite likes watching their antics. – so long as they remember their place.
And he’s a constant source of fascination for them, too.

He spends a lot of time outdoors during the day (while they will remain indoor cats), but has taken to checking in two or three times between breaky and tea.
Just to make sure everyone is behaving themselves.

All of our cats over the years have been adopted from shelters – except Mr U, who found us. Animals of all ages deserve a second chance.

This time we chose kittens rather than older cats, because kittens are playful and we needed their help to tire out the kids so we can get some rest ourselves.
Next time we’ll go for someone a bit older, who can be Mr Underfoot’s snoozebuddy (and mine).


Personally, I prefer a furry friend who will sit or lay beside me for company as I paint – rather than trying to join in and savaging my paintbrushes in the night (not pointing any fingers).

Welcome home, Gigi and Dash.
Life will never be the same..

ps – please excuse the break from topic, I’ll be back with more arty goodness in a week or so.
2015 is going to be a big year!