29 faces, three, four, five

I’m still behind – no surprise there! – but slowly catching up.

This adorable little fellow was face #3, painted on a 4x4in canvas panel.

He just looked so sad and hungry with his bib tied around his neck, all ready for dinner!
And he sold the same day I listed him in my store, which was kind of happy-sad because I only got to spend a couple of days with him.

What Time is Dinner?
What Time is Dinner?
original sold, prints available

This past week has been fantastic! good and not-so-good.
I actually overdid things a little and ended up with another infected throat, but that’s just about gone now..

On the up side I’ve had three full days of art this week (!) sold two original paintings, one print and two aceo prints.
Plus had my etsy store critiqued by the lovely Jen (and boy do I have work to do!)

And I finally realised what my word for 2014 should be: Play!

"Play" original on cardboard available (email me) archival prints available
original on cardboard available –email me
archival prints available

My word last year was trust, and boy did I get a lot of practice with that one!

So this year I think I’ve earnt some playtime, which I explored in this piece on 9x9in scrap cardboard – using every art supply I could think of, including nail polish!

Sunshine Girl original available
Sunshine Girl
original available

My fifth face is another unusual one (of course), because yellow isn’t a colour I use a lot of.
But in this case I just kept wanting to add more and more of it, and I love the effect!

It made her very easy to name, too!

I’ve been quite slack in visiting everyone else’s blog posts for 29 faces, Creative Every Day and PPF this week, so I’m making it a priority to visit at least 5 blogs each day next week.

See you soon!
jane xxx

25 thoughts on “29 faces, three, four, five

  1. I love this happy place so much!! Wow these new pieces are just so adorable I want to grab them right off the page and kiss them!! You truly have a story book in your future! Love everything you paint!! So inspiring! I know that sore throat well…. feel better soon!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Your work is so fun! I love each piece that you do. The characters are so soft and airy and magical. I love the texture and the misty, dream like quality.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. More bright colours… I love your teals , lilacs and mauves, but this different perspective is bubbly and warm. Reflects your personality at the moment…. Very different from last year. WH xx

  4. Your “Play” art is so very playful and thus, appropriately named. The little character’s expression is so adorable and the cheeks look so squeezable! The background colours, the backwards 5, the texture and movement is very enjoyable too! What a happy fun piece! THANKS for sharing and congratulations on selling some your pieces! Keep on playing, it is paying off! A great mantra!

  5. I think choosing the word “play” is great!
    I love the textures of your paintings (and using nail polish?!? I never would have thought of that… Very cool!)
    I hope you feel much better πŸ™‚

  6. Love the nail polish canvas, of course! The color palettes are so happy and bold. I’m glad you are partaking in a challenge, I am trying to push myself to do a couple nail ones. You are definitely inspiring m e πŸ™‚

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